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Our Mission

The Mighty Purple Cottage tells the story of a 6-year old girl named Glinda who loses her family home. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children lose a home and with COVID, those numbers have increased dramatically. The story explains that it’s okay to be sad, or even mad, but if you look for kindness, you will discover how “mighty” you can be. The book deals with the complicated issue of loss, but in the end, Glinda discovers she and her family will be “ok” because their foundation is built on love.  

Together We Can Make A Difference

what we do

The mission of The Mighty Purple Cottage is to help children who are grieving over the loss of their home by understanding that they are not alone, understanding the importance of doing the right thing when wronged, and how building their new foundation on love will make them mighty and strong. 

The Mighty Purple Foundation provides grants to children who have lost a home to fire, natural disaster, floods or financial hardship. The grants provide families with the financial assistance to buy things that bring them comfort – perhaps a blanket, clothes, or even a toy. 

For more information, or to support The Foundation, visit The Mighty Purple Foundation page or contact: 

Mia Toschi

All Children Deserve to Feel Mighty

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the mighty purple cottage

The Mighty Purple Cottage is a story by four-time Emmy-winning television news reporter Mia Toschi. Toschi has both personal experience and professional experience on losing homes. Her family lost a beloved home that was in her family for more than 100 years and she has seen the devastation when a fire, floor or natural disaster leaves a child homeless. 

The beautiful and unique illustrations are the creations of Mia’s aunt Barbara and cousin Michelle Boardman. Some of the illustrations, including that of Dolly Parton as a mermaid, were painted sixty years ago by her now deceased Aunt Barbara. 

While the book is aimed to help children find their “mighty” within even though their heart is broken after losing a home, cousins Mia Toschi and Michelle Boardman wanted to do more. So, they created a foundation. 

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